Hydro-Klean Expands Video Inspection Services with Off-Road Capable Unit (01/05/2009)

Recognizing a need to offer clients video inspection services where large truck access is not always possible or preferred, Hydro-Klean has purchased a self-contained video inspection unit. According to Executive Vice President, David Jass, "This unit will allow HK to safely get to where the work needs to be done while minimizing disruption to landscaping or risking damage to equipment."

Mounted in a six-wheeled utility vehicle, the unit has the same capabilities of the rest of the Hydro-Klean fleet, just in a smaller, more mobile package. The standardization of equipment and deliverables allows Hydro-Klean to use conventional truck mounted equipment on paved surfaces and then change over to off-road when necessary.

To learn more about Hydro-Klean's pipeline video inspection services, visit www.hydro-klean.com.

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Off-road and on-the-go. Video Inspection Underway