Hydro-Klean Announces P.I.P.E. Program (04/29/2016)

Hydro-Klean Announces New P.I.P.E. Program


When provided the opportunity to televise your sewers, Hydro-Klean will provide at no cost:

→   Visual inspection of all manholes on the project.
→   In-depth manhole inspections on failing manholes.
→   Report of recommended corrections for failing manholes.
→   A thorough evaluation of all televised pipe.
→   Prioritized recommendations of pipe deficiencies.

Cost-saving pricing structures are available for multi-year agreements.

What Is P.I.P.E.?

Our Pipeline Inspection and Proactive Evaluation program (P.I.P.E) is a program designed to fit the needs of all Municipalities.  When Hydro-Klean televises your sewer system you will receive hi-resolution digital video and printed reports delivered as the foundation of our comprehensive P.I.P.E. program.  They will be formatted to meet NASSCO PACP Standards. Additionally, you will find an in-depth written evaluation and captured photo analysis of the most pressing rehabilitation needs, both main line and manhole, present in your system. These have been classified by order of greatest impact to your inflow, infiltration and overflow management program and structural deficiencies. In addition to identifying these issues, we will recommend rehabilitation actions that can and should be taken to correct these problems before they deteriorate further.
Hydro-Klean is a sole source provider for all for all of your rehabilitation needs and can provide any or all of the solutions recommended when you receive a P.I.P.E. Report. We look forward to partnering with you to restore your system to optimum efficiency.

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