Hazardous Waste Disposal

Hydro-Klean professionals can assist you throughout the waste management process, from identifying unknown samples to packaging and transporting hazardous waste materials to the proper disposal facility. 

  • Off-Spec Materials
  • Process Waste
  • Spill Cleanup Debris

Hydro-Klean frequently provides lab pack services, in which we inventory and package numerous small quantity items according to compatibility. Common types of projects include disposal of outdated or unwanted chemicals from laboratories and facility decommissioning. To aid in recovery efforts following disasters, Hydro-Klean also teams up with household hazardous waste facilities. 

Prior to transporting any waste to a third party vendor, Hydro-Klean performs facility audits to ensure that we handle waste in the most environmentally sound manner, according to all applicable regulations. Our clients trust us to minimize their risk at every opportunity, and we will not compromise our standards to cut corners.

Lab Packing Services