Grease Trap Services

In 2006, the Des Moines Wastewater Reclamation Authority (WRA) instituted an aggressive program to reduce the amount of fat, oil and grease (FOG) entering the sanitary sewer system from food service establishments. By eliminating FOG from the sewer system, WRA strives to prevent sanitary sewer blockages and overflows that may put the environment or human health at risk. 

As a WRA Certified Grease Hauler, Hydro-Klean can assist you with your grease trap maintenance needs. The power and size of our industrial-duty equipment, easily allows us to clean even the biggest and deepest grease interceptors, as well as typical restaurant-sized interceptors. Our project managers and service technicians can also assist you in completing the WRA required Grease Maintenance Log.  As always, you will receive the necessary disposal documentation to demonstrate regulatory compliance.

Additional information regarding the regulatory requirements can be found on the WRA FOG website

Des Moines WRA: "Say NO to FOG!" Typical grease trap layout.