Training Services

Off the shelf training programs from other vendors might meet your regulatory needs, but if you want your employees to leave a training event with an understanding and relevant skills, then Hydro-Klean is your best choice.  We take the concepts that have proven effective for us and mold them to your situation and application.  Each training course allows students to execute real world activities and leave with a greater understanding of the why, not just the what and the how.

We strive to help management understand the importance of the program and help employees see their roles in the process.  We will gladly host your personnel at our top notch training center or bring our training resources to your facility.

Training resources include:

  • Knowledgeable & Experienced Instructors
  • Interactive, computer assisted learning
  • HOT Box (Hands On Training Simulator)
  • General Service Railroad Tank Car (1/4 scale)

In addition to providing training services we also can assist you with:

  • Program Review
  • Site Auditing
  • Specific Problem Resolution

Practicing HAZMAT spill cleanup HAZWOPER students trying on Level A suits Training students learning about placards