No-Dig Pipe Repair

Use Hydro-Klean's no-dig pipe spot repair and avoid the hassles and expenses associated with open cut excavations. Hydro-Klean is a certified Master Installer for Link-Pipe, a permanent trenchless pipe spot repair product that has true structural integrity and a 100-year service life.

We complete most no-dig pipe repairs in only a few hours, for a fraction of the expense of traditional repair processes. This minimizes traffic and business interruptions. With the money saved per repair, you can rehabilitate more structural defects, making your funding go a lot farther.

  • Damaged sewer pipe and water main restoration
  • Offset joint realignment
  • Unwanted services and cross connection abandonment
  • More renovation for your budget 
  • Reduced traffic and business interruptions
Most repairs made without sewer flow interuption Repair materials are quickly prepared Stainless repair sleeves have 100 yr. service life