Manhole/Wetwell Rehabilitation

Subsurface structures suffer from a variety of problems ranging from minor infiltration to major failure. We have researched and utilized a wide range of products in order to find the perfect solutions for your needs. The products we use have been tested, proven, and generally found to be superior in the market. But products alone do not solve the problems. That is why we continually train and educate our technicians in the latest techniques and provide them with the best equipment in the industry. By first assessing the nature of the problem, selection of the best rehabilitation method is simplified.

These rehab methods can include:

  • Injection grouting
  • Sealing with mortar, with or without special additives
  • Sealing with epoxies
  • Cured in Place Manhole
  • Fiberglass insert
  • Form and pour with T-Lock liner
Before After
Sewer Manhole Rehab - before Sewer Manhole Rehab - after