Lateral Connection Rehabilitation

T-liner is a one piece, structural, stand-alone homogenous Main/Lateral CIPP connection liner extending into the lateral pipe. The T-liner was designed for municipalities that needed to structurally renew and seal the Main/Lateral junction from root intrusion and infiltration of ground water.

Some existing laterals have been constructed using a variety of materials and poor installation methods that allow root intrusion and water infiltration. When main lines are renewed from manhole to manhole using CIPP lining, ground water can migrate behind mainlines and re-enter the collection system at service connections.

That is where T-liners come in:

  • T-liners are constructed from a one-piece engineered textile producing a structural Main/Lateral lining tube.
  • The one-step liner/bladder assembly allows the simultaneous CIPP lining of the main pipe and the lateral pipe.
  • The liner is inserted by a robot and held in place by an inflated mainline bladder creating a full circle connection while embedding the hydrophilic O-rings between the liner and pipe until the resin has cured. A new CIPP (that eliminates water infiltration, sewage exfiltration, and root intrusion) is then formed.
  • The lateral lining inverts into the old lateral pipe with the bladder extending beyond the end of the liner so no cutting is required.
  • They can be installed in main pipe diameters ranging from 6 to 30 inches and lateral pipe diameters ranging from 3 to 12 inches while negotiating multiple bends and pipe diameter transitions.
  • T-Liners are also ASTM approved.