I & I Control Services

Save money. Stop inflow & infiltration.

Inflow & infiltration reduces system capacity and increased pumping and treatment costs. Hydro-Klean can help prevent and stop I&I.  We can install internal or external chimney seals, seal joints, laterals and manholes, line laterals, smoke test and use manhole lid sealing products such as manhole cover inserts or rubber gaskets & plugs.

Pipe Joint and Lateral Test & Seal Grouting

Hydro-Klean can identify defective pipe joints which allow ground water to enter the sewer system and seal defects with our internal pipe joint/lateral sealing process.  Equipment used consists of a television camera, joint/lateral testing device (such as a packer) and test monitoring equipment.  The grouting materials used are cost effective, economical and proven.  The chemical “gels” with the soil and includes a special root growth inhibitor.  This is your long-term defense against infiltration which forms a waterproof collar.

Manhole Grout Sealing

Hydro-Klean can stop infiltration by use of chemical grouts.  We can stop infiltration into manholes in a number of different ways using chemical grout. 
•Infiltration through joints, cracks and pipe penetrations.
•Manhole cover ring sealing.
•Stabilizing soil outside the manhole.

Smoke Testing

•Locate & identify infiltration & exfiltration problems.
•Efficient and cost effective.

Smoke testing is becoming a requirement nationwide for locating the problems that are threatening our supply of clean water and costing millions of dollars in additional wastewater treatment.  Smoke testing helps identify plumbing leaks in buildings. Sewer gases can cause health problems for building occupants.  Smoke is forced through the sewer line under pressure and fills the main line and connections.  Smoke will follow leaks to the ground surface.

Chimney Seals

Hydro-Klean can help stop manhole frame and chimney inflow with the use of chimney seals.  Chimney seals stop manhole frame-chimney inflow, the single largest public sector source.  This inflow reduces system capacity and increased pumping and treatment costs. Manhole frame-chimney inflow enters manholes through frame-chimney area joints that are unsealed or have been broken by soil movement, frost heave, thermal expansion and contraction of the surrounding pavement and/or traffic loading. High quality rubber and stainless steel seals stop this type of inflow.