Rehab Services

Hydro-Klean is ready to assist you with many options for rehabilitation services. Our trained professionals are on call round the clock. We will visit your site, assess the problem, and find the proper solution. By continually researching the latest technology, we are certain our products and services will provide the most efficient solution to your problem.

These services include sewer cleaning, pipeline inspection, manhole rehabilitation, water-jetting and using the process of CIPP (Cured in Place Pipe). In conjunction with our services, we have also developed unique solutions that will help stop corrosion before it begins and thus prevent future issues with your manhole or wetwell. These solutions will provide you both time and cost savings.

Ensuring your pipes and sewer lines are running effectively means lower operating costs and reduced down time. Our employees are trained to complete the rehabilitation process safely and efficiently.

Our Pipeline Inspection and Proactive Evaluation program (P.I.P.E) is a program designed to fit the needs of all Municipalities.

Most repairs made without sewer flow interuption Stainless repair sleeves have 100 yr. service life Repair materials are quickly prepared