Storm Sewer Cleaning

Hydro-Klean recently completed a large project for a state Department of Transportation. Our first assignment was to locate all the existing storm-sewer structures along a highway. This stretch of highway had been improved several times, and the maps needed to be brought up to date. For this part of the project, Hydro-Klean teamed up with a local survey contractor.

Assessing Project Requirements
The HK survey crew had several goals during this initial phase of activity. First, we had to find any new structures that had been installed during recent construction. Second, we had to determine if any of the structures that had been removed during the same construction were still on the maps.

The survey crew spent several days taking GPS locations and figuring out which structures no longer existed. They updated the maps with the new information and delivered to the DOT, which then gave every structure a unique identification number.

HK After Dark
Traffic flows on the highway were as high as 4,800 vehicles per hour, so we had to work at night, which posed significant challenges for the video-inspection crew. One of the biggest challenges was avoiding bird-sized mosquitoes.

After nearly four weeks of video inspection that included miles of pipe and hundreds of manhole reports, Hydro-Klean received the state DOT’s approval to clean the lines. Certain lines turned out to be so dirty that the video inspection could not be finished. Once again, we had to work at night. We also had to use a water truck to haul water to the jet/vac machine. The cleaning process removed tons of debris from the storm lines on the highway.

Dedicated HK Professionals
During the eight weeks that Hydro-Klean worked on this project, a total of twelve employees participated. Their tremendous teamwork, as well as their willingness to work out-of-town in less than perfect conditions, made this undertaking a great success. The job required extra effort not only from the people on-site, but also from the people back at Hydro-Klean.

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