High Vacuum Extraction

Hydro-Klean’s wide range of services and solutions often have  been a product of its impressive fleet of equipment. This was certainly the case when Arrowhead Contracting, Inc., Des Moines, Iowa, asked HK about using a vacuum truck to remove absorbed-and-dissolved, phase-petroleum hydrocarbons and free product from groundwater-monitoring wells at leaking, underground storage-tank (LUST) sites across the state.

Arrowhead Contracting was interested in a methodology called High-Vacuum Extraction (HVE). It can be used effectively  to remove contamination from localized, impacted areas, as well as sensitive areas around tanks, piping and product dispensers where over-excavation may not be an option. Although HVE is not a new process at HK, the equipment and options recently have improved.

Quality Equipment/Skilled Operators
Hydro-Klean uses a liquid-vacuum truck (LVT) for HVE work. The versatile LVT is capable of up to 27” Hg vacuum at 440 cfm. The DOT-approved truck can transport 2,700 gallons of collected material, with an additional 300 gallons of fresh water. It provides an onboard 2,200 PSI pressure washer to decontaminate equipment and tools. An onboard scale accurately measures the amount of water removed from a site. In addition, all the personnel involved have received forty hours of OSHA training and are experienced HK operators. They are supported by an environmental staff who have extensive knowledge and experience with  underground storage tanks.

From a three inch-manifold capable of splitting to three wells, HK utilizes one-and-a-half inch stinger tubes to maximize air and water flow from wells as small as two inches in diameter. The crew can quickly adapt stinger-tube lengths  depending on source location, well depth and water levels. The HVE equipment setup is complete with vacuum gauges, thermometers and ports to collect vapor samples for photo-ionization- detector (PID) field analysis or laboratory analysis. Clear piping also permits visual observations of the air/water stream. The entire system is connected with quick-connect fittings to adapt rapidly to the situation. We also have our own PID and oil/water-interface probe for use on site if needed.

HVE: A One-Call Operation
We transported all collected materials to Hydro-Klean’s own industrial waste water treatment facility for disposal. The facility is regulated by 40 CFR 437 as a centralized waste treatment facility and monitored by the Des Moines Waste Water Reclamation Authority. The treatment process removes suspended solids and petroleum hydrocarbons so that the water can be discharged to the sanitary-sewer collection system. HK’s facility eliminates costly transportation charges to other disposal sites and makes HVE with Hydro-Klean truly a one-call operation.

Over the past few months, HK has worked with Arrowhead Contracting, Inc., on nearly two-dozen HVE events. Tristan Grover, Program Manager at Arrowhead comments: “Hydro-Klean’s dedication to their clients and their ingenuity in overcoming any obstacle presented are routinely reinforced through the attitude and work ethic of their entire staff.  Matt and his staff adapted to support the detailed data collection and reporting needs of Arrowhead and its clients in a timely and cost-effective manner."

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HK wlorking alongside Arrowhead Contracting HVE Extraction Manifold