HK Waste Disposal Services

For every finished good produced, there is nearly always a byproduct or waste material that requires proper management or disposal. Many byproducts are marketable, like distiller’s grain from ethanol production or bone meal from animal processing. However, other wastes are hazardous and have potentially negative consequences for the environment and human health if not dealt with appropriately. Mismanagement of hazardous waste alsocan  land companies in hot water with regulatory officials and generate expensive legal costs and bad publicity.

HK's Comprehensive Waste Management
Selecting a reputable company like Hydro-Klean is an excellent way to assure the proper handling of your operation's waste, according to all applicable rules and regulations. Hydro-Klean’s resources include highly trained and experienced personnel to identify, containerize and coordinate the transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous waste to permitted disposal facilities. With a diverse fleet of equipment, including the most powerful vacuum trucks available, Hydro-Klean offers bulk and non-bulk transportation options depending on quantities.

Process operations, facility cleanouts, spill cleanups and disposal of off-specification products can produce typical waste streams, including:


  • spent solvents
  • printing inks
  • oil based paints
  • paint-related materials
  • aerosol cans


  • acids/bases
  • cleaning solutions


  • agricultural chemicals
  • dry cleaning waste
  • metal-contaminated rinses/sludge

Universal Wastes:

  • batteries
  • pesticides
  • mercury-containing equipment
  • fluorescent lamps


  • petroleum-impacted soil
  • laboratory waste
  • medical waste
  • water based paints
  • oil-soaked, absorbent materials
  • lab packs

Implementing the Highest Standards
Hydro-Klean manages every customer’s waste as if it is our own. We know that shortcuts in hazardous waste management can appear to save time and money but often lead to a multitude of complex and expensive issues down the road. We use the best disposal facilities and technologies available and we research and evaluate each one to ensure practices and procedures are up to our standards.

When you select Hydro-Klean, you choose a quality, turnkey service provider that works diligently to manage and control the risks involved in all your waste disposal needs.

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