HK Ingenuity Meets Container Cleaning Challenge

To be more competitive with their pricing, a local contractor supply company purchased concrete curing compound in 5,000 gallon semi-tankers and filled  totes at their facility. However, they wished to clean the interior of the totes prior to refilling them and approached Hydro-Klean to assist.

Removal of dried material on the inside of the tote’s upper surface presented a serious challenge. The totes were plastic, 275-gallon, intermediate bulk containers, surrounded by an aluminum cage. They measured approximately 4’ x 4’ x 4’, with their centers located 4” from the fill opening and a 2” drain valve.

HK Inginuity to the Rescue
Armed with the tote dimensions and a dirty tote to experiment with, Hydro-Klean personnel contacted a specialty, high-pressure water-nozzle manufacturer for assistance. The manufacturer custom built a rotary nozzle to clean the interior of the tote, including the difficult “ceiling” portion. The flow of the water rotated the nozzle while two opposing streams of water  removed the material from the tote.

Now that Hydro-Klean had devised a way to clean the totes, the staff faced the problem of containing the rinsate so that it could be collected and transported to a permitted disposal facility. Although the curing compound and rinsate from the cleaning process were non-hazardous wastes, they were not suitable for discharge into a storm sewer or the ground surface. The contractor’s supply facility lacked an area that could be used as a containment structure for the washing process, so it was back to the drawing board for the Hydro-Klean staff.

Necessity: Mother of Invention
Building a permanent pit or containment structure at the client's facility would have been expensive and time consuming, clearly not in the customer’s best interest. Consequently after much thought and planning, HK personnel designed and built  a mobile, tote-washing station that allowed them to travel to the site, wash between fifty and sixty totes per day and collect all the rinsate material. Later, they removed and transported the rinsate to the disposal facility in one of Hydro-Klean’s powerful vacuum trucks.

Another Satisfied HK Customer
The operations manager for the contractor’s supply, commented, "Hydro-Klean has been excellent to work with! We had to overcome a few procedural modifications and through it all, HK proved their willingness to help and see that the job got done. Once again, Hydro-Klean’s was able to assess the situation,  develop a plan and ultimately provide a successful, economical solution for the customer.

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