HK Employees Master the Field

Hydro-Klean recently purchased a 500-tube, vertical heat exchanger from an ethanol plant customer. After successfully adding stairs, rails and a platform on which to stand, Hydro-Klean’s new employees could experience hands-on cleaning techniques in our own backyard.

Expert and Thorough Hands-On Training
For first time users, operating high-pressure water equipment to clean these types of processes can be uncomfortable. This training tool allows our employees to master the feel of the equipment and understand the cleaning procedure before they ever step onto a plant’s property. While other companies have no choice but to train on the jobsite, HK has the luxury of training its employees in a comfortable and structured learning environment. This gives us the opportunity to explain in great detail all the hazards that go with cleaning tubes, as well as teach proper operational techniques and all the other factors involved in performing a quality job.

Safe and Effective Service
During these training sessions, HK not only gives employees experience on heat exchangers, but also provides instruction on the use of our blast guns. Once again, this means that we don’t train our employees on your dime! Along with all this great hands-on training, and before handling or using any equipment, we provide thorough classroom sessions. All this helps to strengthen HK’s already top notch training and health and safety program while it assures that we have employees ready to meet your needs safely and effectively.

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