Grain Vacuum Services

Recently, Hydro-Klean began expanding its vacuuming services to work with the grain-elevator sector. As a result, many cooperatives called to request power washes for their elevators, vacuuming for their pits for preventive maintenance and help with grain salvaging. However, we received one particular call for an HK specialty, bin topping.

Prepare for Safety
When our Hydro-Klean crew arrived at the site, they set up their industrial- wet/dry vacuum machine approximately forty feet from a 130-foot-tall silo. They attached a field-tile vacuum hose to the rear of the machine and pulled it to the top of the silo and down the opening hatch. The crew then established their confined-space and fall-protection processes, which entailed using safety rope to tie the entrant and attendant to a solid anchor connected to the silo. We placed a tripod over the top of the man way and then winched an HK entrant slowly through the man way, approximately sixty feet into the silo.

Bin Topping the HK Way
Once inside, the HK crew member was able to walk on top of the grain. He used a six-inch, PVC, stabber device attached to the end of the vacuum hose to vacuum up the grain surface. He wore a dust mask throughout the process to prevent dust inhalation.

The job took about six hours, with windy conditions on top of the silo contributing to the time needed. However once the setup time was over, the actual vacuuming process went smoothly and efficiently.

The location manager commented, “We were impressed with Hydro-Klean’s focus on safety. They could teach a class on bin entry. The work was done in an efficient and professional manner. HK saved us several hours of labor.”

Next time you find a challenging grain project, consider Hydro-Klean’s cleaning, vacuuming and salvaging services. HK’s work ethic may make it the most efficient and safety-conscious choice  when dealing with grain cleanup problems.

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