Former Chemical Manufacturing Facility Cleanup

Hydro-Klean recently received a request-for-proposal  for a remediation project at an abandoned building. The partially collapsed building formerly housed a business that processed several different chemical products. It still held numerous fifty-gallon drums and containers, but severe deterioration made it difficult to ascertain the total number of containers left at the site. Moreover, the drums’ contents were not identified or labeled for safe handling and disposal.

Difficult Work and Short Deadlines
Our project assessment also showed that entry into and movement through the site would be extremely difficult and pose personal safety problems. As a final challenge, the city had a 14-day completion deadline that they considered crucial.

Hydro-Klean’s winning proposal outlined a plan to remove and dispose of the drums and their contents safely, as well as collect samples and provide on-site screening assessments. Once Hydro-Klean arrived on the site, HK team members entered most of the building and removed the drums and their products without mishap. The city hired a demolition contractor to remove portions of the building where safe access was questionable.

Content Analysis
We removed 695 containers from the building and determined each container’s contents by screening through a photo-ionization detector, a flammable gas-monitor and pH testing. During screening, we placed the drums in a temporary containment area constructed by the HK crew.

Hydro-Klean’s disposal process followed three different paths, depending on container content. We immediately crushed clean, empty drums and placed them in roll-off containers for transport to the landfill. HK also rinsed and crushed drums with recognizable residues so that they also could  be taken to the landfill. We temporarily stored drums with unidentified contents in the containment area and collected samples for analysis. The analysis reports allowed us to form content characterizations and apply proper disposal methods. Hydro-Klean successfully completed the job and met the deadline, safely removing and disposing of all the containers.

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