Filter Media Removal & Replacement

Hydro-Klean recently completed a large filter-exchange project working as a subcontractor. The job involved the removal and installation of more than 20,000 cubic feet of filter media.

After nearly one year of waiting, HK finally received the call to mobilize its forces and head out to begin the assignment. Due to the project's large size, the replacement filter media had to be delivered in three shipments. Each shipment consisted of eight or more semi-trailers full of filter media, with more than thirty loads delivered. The media arrived in what we call “super sacks,” each weighing over 2000 pounds.

Vacuum Removal
Once the HK crew received the first shipment of media, they began the task of removing it. To do this, they set up the industrial vacuum truck outside the filter plant and strung pipe up the stairs and down to the floor of the filter bed--more than 175 feet of pipe.

The crew then vacuum-removed filter media to the truck in the cold winter conditions. The crew built a small shelter around the rear of the truck and warmed it up with propane heaters to keep the media from freezing in the vacuum hose and vacuum truck. The work was highly labor-intensive and very dirty but went well. After removing the media, the HK team washed down the walls and floor of the filter bed so it could be inspected.

Getting Pumped
Next came the tricky part: media placement in the filter through hydraulic installation equipment. This procedure is fairly new to HK, but it is a highly effective way to install filter media when the situation and conditions are right. The process includes fluidizing the filter media and placing it in the filter through a pump setup. It moves the filter media quickly and uniformly distributes it throughout the filter.

On the Road Again
The crew replaced six filters, and each filter took approximately one week to turn around. This meant that the crew had to be away from home for six to seven weeks. Due to their efforts and the support they received from their fellow workers, the assignment was a complete success.  The HK crew made quite a name for themselves.

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