Ethanol Emergency Response

Like many businesses, Hydro-Klean strives to be a one-stop shop for its customers. Our ultimate objective is to provide a wide variety of quality cleaning and response services so that our customers only have to call one number to meet their needs. This approach is particularly apparent in the ways that we try to serve the ethanol industry.

What started out as hydro-blasting services for maintenance cleaning of tubes and shells, fans, duct-work, etc., has expanded to cleaning and vacuuming services for tanks, cooling water systems and filter media. To keep the one-stop shopping experience developing, we are providing more and more emergency spill response solutions for our ethanol clients.

Over the years, as new plants have become operational and older plants have grown, the need for strategies to deal with spill releases has become increasingly vital. In addition, a call for emergency response plans by local and state agencies has had ethanol plants discussing off-site back-up measures to prepare for these events.

Emergency Plan Assistance
This is where Hydro-Klean steps in with its assistance and expertise. We help companies develop advance planning for potential emergency releases of anything from hazardous to non-hazardous liquids or solid materials. At the customer's request, HK staff members visit a facility and conduct a walk-through with the company employees who are responsible for regulatory compliance. These on-site visits allow HK personnel to become familiar with the facility and help identify areas of concern with the customer. HK and the customer then share the information necessary to develop an emergency action plan.

HK's Turnkey Solutions
If a release does occur, HK emergency response services provide a turnkey solution that includes collection, transportation and disposal of waste materials, and even helps with reporting the incident to the necessary regulatory agencies. Our fleet includes trailers that are equipped with a variety of personnel-protective equipment, salvage containers and the best tools for the problem at hand. With a call to HK, our experienced, professional staff will handle the situation from start to finish.

Whether you are looking ahead and preparing an emergency response plan or faced with a current release of hazardous material, you only need to know one number: 515-283-0500.  For additional information about HK’s emergency response services,  give us a call.

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