Dry Ice Blasting

Hydro-Klean has a sterling and well-earned reputation for consistently providing innovative solutions that meet our customers’ specific cleaning needs. A recent request by a local manufacturing client to clean grease and debris from paint booth processes without using water helped motivate HK to begin offering yet one more creative service: dry ice blasting.

Dry ice blasting is a cleaning process that uses solid CO2 pellets, better known as dry ice. Compressed air accelerates the pellet particles to supersonic speeds at which point they can impact and clean a surface. The pellets sublimate, or convert directly from a solid blast pellet to a CO2 vapor, leaving no residue or waste for cleanup or disposal.

Cost and Time Effective Benefits
The benefits of dry ice cleaning include:  

  • decreased downtime through cleaning in place
  • elimination of equipment damage
  • elimination of solvents
  • elimination of secondary waste

Dry ice blasting effectively fulfills cleaning needs for a wide variety of equipment and environments, such as: 

  • man fans
  • paint and spray booths
  • mold removal
  • electric equipment
  • foundry work
  • baking and food processing
  • printing dryer and drum fans

As our company name indicates, Hydro-Klean is proud of its water-based technologies. However, HK takes the most pride in its ability to identify the best cleaning processes for our clientele. So, if the hydro in Hydro-Klean does not solve your problem, then dry ice blasting may be your answer. To find out more about it, give Hydro-Klean a call at 515-283-0500.

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