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Key Elements - Customer & Contractor Relations
It's got to be "Win-Win" to be successful.

Sieve Bead Removal for the Ethanol Industry
Got bad beads? We've got the solution.

Ethanol Plant Maintenance
Ethanol manufacturers go proactive on plant maintenance.

HK Ingenuity Meets Container Cleaning Challenge
Dirty totes are no match for Hydro-Klean.

Grain Bin Entry
Safety is our prime directive.

Grain Vacuum Services
Hydro-Klean’s specialties are not all corn and beans.

Dry Ice Blasting
HK adds a frigid blast to its the arsenal.

Water Treatment Plant Optimization
Hydro-Klean assists Newton WaterWorks to optimize water flow and reduce costs.

Tackling Des Moines Scott Street Siphon
Hydro-Klean rescues the river.

Sanitary Sewer Repair
Hydro-Klean goes underground to save a city's historic avenue.

Storm Sewer Cleaning
HK meets state DOT challenges.

Sanitary Sewer Preventative Maintenance Programs
With planning, Hydro-Klean helps prevent sanitary sewer overflows and backups.

Horizontal Well Maintenance
Hydro-Klean Helps Des Moines Water Works with Horizontal Well Maintenance.

Filter Media Removal & Replacement
Hydro-Klean takes its filter media services on the road.

Ink Tanker goes "Wheels-Up"
Hydro-Klean ER keeps client out of the red.

Diesel Fuel Semi Tanker Rollover
HK tackles yet another tanker rollover.

Mock Spill Exercise
Mock incidents test real-life skills.

Ethanol Emergency Response
Hydro-Klean expands service to ethanol industry.

Aboveground Storage Tank Inspections
HK explains aboveground storage tank inspection requirements.

High Vacuum Extraction
HK Goes High Tech with HVE.

Former Chemical Manufacturing Facility Cleanup
Hydro-Klean’s remediation services help with the unexpected.

Grounding & Bonding 101
Regardless what happens, be sure you remain grounded and bonded.

Confined Space Entry
What does Confined Space Entry mean to you?

HK Employees Master the Field
Hands-on training tools give HK competitive edge.

Railroad Tank Car Trainer
Hydro-Klean expands hands-on training equipment.

DOT HAZMAT Packaging Code
HAZMAT code unravels mysterious markings.

HK Pretreatment Plant Goes Green
Water reuse and waste minimization becomes second nature.

Universal Waste and What it Means to You
Recycling universal waste minimizes environmental impact.

HK Waste Disposal Services
If it's waste, Hydro-Klean has the solution.

Lab Pack Services
Not sure what to pack? Lab Pack It!