OSHA Compliant Confined Space Kit Includes all packages listed below
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Multi Gas Detector

G450 Four Sensor Gas Detector Kit

Complete with Features:

  • Sensors (LEL, O2, CO, H2S) with 3 year warranty
  • Alkaline battery pack (up to 25 hours of use)
  • Calibration Adapter
  • Calibration Gas
  • Fixed flow regulator
  • ABS carrying case
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Tripod Rescue and Recovery

Tripod with R Series Rescue Unit & M Series Work Winch


  • The R50 series unit is a self retracting lifeline, capable of raising and lowering, for rescue or retrieval. The unit locks up if if worker slips or falls. The system can then be activated into winch mode, raising or lowering the worker to safety. The R50 is also equipped with a friction brake that prevents the unit from free-wheeling, while under a load.
  • The MW series winch has a manufacturer steel frame and drum, complete with #45 pulley, a carabiner for attaching the 50' galvanized wire rope to the tripod. Complete with carrying case.
  • The TP7 series tripod as designed to hold 5000lbs of vertical load, yet are lightweight and portable. The 7' unit features adjustable/locking aluminum legs, safety chain, non-slip rubber safety shoes and two attachment points on the steel head.
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Safety Harness

Stratos Full Body Harness Features include:

  • Light weight with Stratos-Lite™ comfort pads on shoulder back and legs.The Stratos-Lite™ padding is specifically designed with open-celled air-mesh for breathability and moisture control for maximum comfort. 5 point adjustment with grommet/tongue bucket leg straps.
  • 5 point adjustment with grommet/tongue bucket leg straps.

Color: Green/Black

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