Hydro-Klean understands what it takes to run your municipality, industry or company seemlessly.  You need the correct tools, equipment and supplies.  Our technicians use the same equipment, tools and supplies that we proudly sell. That is why we choose to offer the same to our clientele - tried and true equipment, tools and supplies to allow you to run your organization the way its meant to be.

Call us today to discuss your needs.  Hydro-Klean can provide equipment demonstrations and possibly no cost trial equipment to see if what we offer fits your needs.  We want you outfitted with the best possible solutions.  Rest assured, if we don't offer it, we will help you find it.  Browse our product pages and then call us toll free 855.845.5326.

Camera Systems - Mainline and Push

Confined Space Equipment - Gas Monitors

Fall Protection - Tripods, Harnesses, Winches

Nozzles, Jetter Parts & Accessories

Pipe & Cable Locating Equipment

Plugs, Vacuum & Air Testing Equipment

Sewer Cleaning Tools

Work Area and Outdoor Safety Equipment