Sewer Cleaning Services

Tired of irate calls, overflows, and other problems with poorly performing sewers? With our powerful equipment, highly trained Hydro-Klean professionals will eliminate these hassles. We'll show up on time, and we'll stay until your job is done.

If it's in a pipe and it shouldn't be, Hydro-Klean is your one call to get it out. From 6-inch wastewater sewers to storm sewers several feet in diameter, depend on Hydro-Klean's sewer cleaning services to leave nothing behind but bare pipe.

Emergencies don't always happen during regular business hours. That doesn't matter to us. We are ready to serve you. Hydro-Klean will return your call in less than 10 minutes to learn your needs. Within an hour, we'll send equipment and trained professionals to fix your problem, no matter what time or day. You can count on Hydro-Klean.

  • Cleaning of all pipe sizes
  • 100% safety regulation compliance
  • Easement areas
  • Root removal
  • Hard deposit removal
  • Tap trimming
  • Overflow prevention 
  • Emergency service fast
Great people, great equipment, great results Late model, big, powerful equipment 10,000 PSI waterjet about to pulverize tree roots