Pipeline Inspection and Proactive Evaluation (P.I.P.E.)

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What Is P.I.P.E.?

Our Pipeline Inspection and Proactive Evaluation program (P.I.P.E) is a program designed to fit the needs of all Municipalities.

When provided the opportunity to televise your sewers, the P.I.P.E. Program delivers 360-degrees of protection by providing:

  • A thorough evaluation of all inspected pipe.
  • Prioritized recommendations of pipe deficiencies.
  • Visual inspection of all manholes on the project.
  • In-depth manhole inspections on failing manholes.
  • Report of recommended corrections for failing manholes.
  • Cost-saving pricing structures for multi-year contracts.

If you're responsible for city sewer maintenance and repair, you need P.I.P.E. This is an important step in municipal sewer maintenance and repair.

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Client Testimonial

I first heard of the P.I.P.E. program when I sought out Hydro-Klean to video parts of sewer mains in our sanitary district for use with the CMOM Program that we are currently updating.

The Sanitary District benefits by obtaining a better understanding of our problematic sewer lines and manholes by having an actual view of the deficient lines. This viewing enables us to evaluate which areas need to be repaired now, rather than waiting to repair that area at a later date, and having a costlier emergency arise because we didn't know the extent of damage in the line.

Working with Hydro-Klean was a total success from my stand point. Hydro-Klean made the process of getting the Board's approval easier and thus made fixing our problem sewers more efficient and manageable with the video evidence that was supplied by Hydro-Klean.

If someone were to ask my opinion about whether or not to work with Hydro-Klean and the P.I.P.E. program, I would definitely recommend working with Hydro-Klean! As it is said, "A picture is worth a thousand words!"

Cully Akey
Lakeland Sanitary District No. 1

Hydro-Klean is a sole source provider for all of your rehabilitation needs and can provide many of the solutions recommended when you receive a P.I.P.E. report. We look forward to partnering with you to restore your system to optimum efficiency.

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