Landfill Leachate Services

Proper maintenance of landfill leachate collection systems is critical in order to insure efficient operation, meet regulatory requirements and protect the public health. Improperly maintained collection systems and basins can create excessive hydraulic pressure on liners and other system components leading to costly and easily preventable repairs. Clogging of the leachate laterals with mud and silt is one of the most common problems landfills will encounter. While reducing flow, these soils can provide an ideal breeding ground for harmful microorganisms to spread and grow. Additionally, chemical buildups within the lines are capable of weakening the pipe walls.

Hydro-Klean has the specialized equipment, highly trained personnel, and years of experience to keep your system at peak performance. Avoid loss of production and high replacement costs by letting Hydro-Klean assist with all your leachate collection needs.

  • Avoid costly repairs and down time
  • Meet regulatory compliance
  • Improve system efficiencies
  • Protect the public health and well being
  • Promote proper environmental stewardship