Sometimes conventional excavating is exactly what you don't need. The risk of digging in a utility corridor or moving heavy equipment into a remote area just poses too many problems. When you need surgical soil removal in high risk areas, you need to be safe. Hydro-Klean safe.

Hydro-Klean's hydroexcavation service uses a jet of water plus industrial vacuum to unearth buried utilities, create a trench or any other excavation shape. Hydroexcavating in a remote area can be done simply by running hoses from the equipment to the project site.

Positive utility locates using hydroexcavation enable you to plan construction projects without change orders for otherwise unforeseeable conflicts. Put Hydro-Klean's hydroexcavation service to work in confined industrial areas or wherever you need to minimize concrete removal and restoration. The savings and risk avoidance make Hydro-Klean a clear choice.

  • Utility damage prevention
  • Minimized surface damage and restoration
  • Positive utility locates with pothole excavations
  • Ideal technology for use in dense utility corridors
  • Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)
  • Fast and economical service
Potholing with hydroexcavation to fix a valve box Using GPS to document exact utility locations Unearthing a utility for positive location