GIS Data Integration

Put the power of GIS to work for you by choosing Hydro-Klean for digital pipeline video inspection deliverables. Hydro-Klean's digital inspection deliverables are compatible with most GIS systems and easily can  be integrated with a high level of accuracy. 

Hydro-Klean will help you have fast, convenient access to mountains of inspection data. Viewing the inspection data in a special GIS environment quickly will allow you to analyze, conclude, and make important improvement decisions.

It doesn't matter if you are highly self-sufficient with your GIS or if you only use it and need help to "pull it all together". Hydro-Klean is prepared to be as much or as little help as you need to integrate your pipeline video inspection data with your GIS.

  • Easy and accurate GIS integration
  • Data integration assistance upon request
  • Customizable asset attributes
  • Open data source codes
Take video data straight to GIS with HK Reports easily customized to meet your exact needs You choose the parameters for data integration