Industrial Vacuum

What should you do when you have bulk liquids or solids to clean up? Call Hydro-Klean. We'll bring you one or many industrial vacuum machines run by the best trained professionals in the business.

Hydro-Klean's industrial vacuum service has the mega-power to pick up heavy solid objects, liquids or anything in between, from several hundred feet away. The entire process is dust free and fast. We'll leave your job site spic and span. We'll even transport and dispose of the waste.

You can count on Hydro-Klean's professional industrial vacuum service 24/7/365. Call Hydro-Klean in the middle of the night, on weekends or holidays. You'll get a return call in less than ten minutes and industrial vacuum services on their way to you within an hour.

  • Liquids, sludges or dry solids
  • Fast  large-quantity clean up
  • Completely dust free operation
  • Safer  cleanup- avoids strains
  • Reduced downtime
  • Several hundred feet of range
  • Transport and disposal
  • Pit, tank, bin and silo cleaning
Our vac process is clean and dust free The NX Guzzler monster vac - nothing better! The HK vac fleet has deep pulling power