Grain Processing & Storage

Grain processing, such as corn milling or soy bean hexane extraction, requires industrial cleaning maintenance from a company that has experienced people.  That company is Hydro-Klean. We are ready to respond to your emergencies at any hour, any day for both planned services and emergencies. Hydro-Klean has what it takes to handle anything from intermittent projects to entire plant shutdowns. We have the resources to work around the clock to put your plant up and back into production.

When it comes to safety, the hazards in a grain processing plant cannot be taken lightly. Hydro-Klean has the experience, training and knowledge to get the work done carefully and safely.

You also can rely on Hydro-Klean when it's time to clean your grain storage assets, reclaim spilled grain or transfer grain. We have the resources to handle grain quickly to put it where it belongs.

  • Heat exchanger & condenser tube cleaning
  • Pit and tank cleaning
  • Tank cleaning
  •  Process piping, drain cleaning
  • Utility locating without excavating
  • Railroad car transfers
  • Elevator, boot pit and silo cleaning
  • Regulated waste transportation and disposal
HK technician cleaning tubes HK indstrial vacuum offloading wasted grain HK technician vacuum removing waste grain