Food Processing

Industrial cleaning maintenance performed at food processing facilities requires experience and knowledge of USDA requirements. In addition to safely completing the cleaning task and minimizing downtime, great care must be taken to prevent contaminating valuable food products. You can count on Hydro-Klean for reliable industrial cleaning services any time, any day--including weekends, nights and holidays.

When emergencies occur, call Hydro-Klean, and help will be on the way to your facility in less than an hour. We are serious about reliable emergency response, because we understand the importance of minimizing your downtime. To completely prevent downtime and product losses due to process sewer failures from regular operations, request Hydro-Klean's PredictaFlow Maintenance Plan. We'll make failing-drain hassles totally disappear, leaving your plant more profitable and productive.

  • Process sewer cleaning
  • Downtime minimization with PredictaFlow
  • Storm sewer cleaning
  • Pipeline video inspection
  • No-dig pipe repair
  • Tank and pit cleaning
  • DAF cell cleaning
  • Emergency spill cleanup
  • Health and safety training
HK technicians cleaning a process sewer HK equipment is fully functional in all weather HK Predictaflow Maintenance Plan map