Dry Ice Blasting

Your cleaning task is tough, and you can't afford to contaminate your environment with water or other foreign materials. Call Hydro-Klean to get the job done right the first time. We'll bring you a clean sweep with an Arctic blast. Hydro-Klean's dry ice blasting service cleans down to bare surfaces and leaves nothing behind to contaminate your process or environment. It's a cleaner way to clean.

When you call Hydro-Klean, you'll get tons of expertise and experience to dry ice blast anything without damage.  From the most fragile surfaces to the most rugged cleaning tasks, save time and money with Hydro-Klean's dry ice blasting service.

  • Subtle to highly aggressive
  • 100% free of water
  • Not abrasive
  • No secondary waste
  • Food grade safe
  • Safe for electric motors
HK technician dry ice blasting Paint booth grating before and after dry ice Conveyor chain before and after dry ice blasting