High Vacuum Extraction (HVE)

Sometimes referred to as enhanced fluid recovery, aggressive fluid recovery or dual phase extraction, High Vacuum Extraction (HVE) is an excellent tool for use on leaking underground storage tank sites for remediation, pilot testing and dewatering.  When used for remediation, HVE can simultaneously remove free product, impacted groundwater and soil vapors.   

Hydro-Klean's HVE services are complete with data collection equipment to monitor air flow, vacuum, free product thickness and groundwater levels.  Versatile extraction manifolds and experienced operators allow quick and easy modifications in the field, based on changing site conditions.  In keeping with Hydro-Klean's trademark turn-key service, we can transport material collected during the HVE event to the HK Pretreatment Plant for disposal.

High Vacuum Extraction site work HVE manifold services multiple wells simultaneously HVE data collection equipment