Document Library

The document libary is a collection of forms and useful information regarding services provided by Hydro-Klean.

001 Standard Credit Agreement (8/17/2011)   
Standard agreement to establish credit account at Hydro-Klean, Inc. Document must be completed and accepted prior to HK rendering services.

235 A Sustainable Approach to Managing Potable Water Quality (4/12/2010)   
White paper presented by Utility Service Company recommending a compliant, cost-effective approach to managing potable water quality beginning at the water plant and ending at the water storage tank.

270 What is GPS? (12/5/2008)   
White paper explaining Global Positioning System and use benefits.

272 What is GIS? (12/5/2008)   
White paper explaining Geographic Information Systems and use benefits.

274 What is GASB 34? (12/5/2008)   
White paper explaining basic Governmental Accounting Standards Board Statement 34 requirements for state and local governments to begin reporting all financial transactions, including the value of their infrastructure assets, roads, bridges, water and sewer facilities, and dams, in their annual financial reports on an accrual accounting basis.

275 Risk vs. Reward for Outsourcing Sewer Services (12/8/2008)   
White paper discussing the balance risk alocation and contractor pricing when outsourcing sewer cleaning and inspection services.

278 Video Inspection Standardized Reporting (12/5/2008)   
White paper summarizing the need and benefits for using a standardized method of collecting data when performing sewer inspections.

279 PACP (12/5/2008)   
White paper explaining the National Association of Sewer Service Companies' Pipeline Assessment Certificaiton Program.

280 Standardized Sewer Condition Assessment Coding (12/5/2008)   
White paper identifying options and sources for sewer condition assessment coding systems.

500 HK Pretreatment Plant - Waste Profile Form (1/4/2009)   
Waste profile which must be completed and returned prior to the acceptance of material by the HK Pretreatment Plant.

505 HK Pretreatment Plant - Reference Guide (1/1/2009)   
Reference information for the HK Pretreatment Plant including facility overview, references and operating permits.