After Hours Emergency

When you urgently need service and need it now, don't mess around. Call Hydro-Klean.  Our Emergency Service Plan is just one more way that Hydro-Klean provides the finest service. We are ready to respond after hours, weekends and holidays. We have planned for your emergencies with our expert technicians and managers on call and our fleet ready to roll.

Dial 855-845-5326, then relay your message to the answering service operator. In less than 10 minutes, you will receive a return call from a personnel manager. In less than one hour, our equipment and service technicians are on their way to assist you.

You have our word on it!!

Hydro-Klean supports its Emergency Service Plan with a number of provisions to guarantee high dependability:

  • Scheduled Response System performance checks
  • Emergency system back up power
  • Automatic notification of all ON-CALL managers
  • Cell phones issued to all response staff
  • Standby ready equipment and vehicles