2017 Tradeshows (01/23/2017)

Feb. 7th & 8th  Midwest Water & Wastewater Operators 12th Annual Conference

Feb. 14th - 16th North Dakota Rural Water Systems 31st Annual Expo

Feb. 20th & 21st Iowa Rural Water Assoc. 42nd Annual Conference

Feb. 28th - Mar. 2nd Missouri Rural Water Association Conference

Mar. 1st - 3rd Iowa Water Environment Association Collection Systems Conference

Mar. 7th - 9th Minnesota Rural Water & Wastewater 33rd Annual Technical Conference

Mar. 27th - 29th Minnesota Pollution Control Agency 43rd Collection System Operators Conference

Mar. 28th - 31st Wisconsin Rural Water Association 29th Annual Conference

Apr. 17th - 19th MN Society of Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration

Apr. 26th - 28th South Dakota Engineering Society Annual Conference

Apr. 26th - 27th South Dakato Rural Water Technology Expo

Jun. 6th - 8th Iowa Water Environment Association 96th Annual Conference

Jun. 13th Iowa Rural Water 2nd Annual Emmetsburg Field Day

Jun. 19th - 21st Fuel Ethanol Workshop 33rd Annual Expo

Jul. 25th - 28th Minnesota Wastewater Operators Association 41st Annual Conference

Aug. 24th Wisconsin Rural Water Association Outdoor Expo

Sep. 6th Minnesota Fall Maintenance Expo

Sep. 12th - 15th MN American Water Works Association 101st Annual Conference

Sep. 12th - 13th Iowa Rural Water Association Conference - Okoboji

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